Hi, I’m Andrea! I’ve always derived great joy from tidying and organizing my personal spaces and would love to share that joy with others.

After moving six times in six years, I came to realize the importance of only keeping what you need and having a system in place to know where to find your belongings.

When visiting family and friends, I always found myself wanting to organize their spaces to make their lives easier. That’s why I started Sustainably Simple – I make the process of decluttering as easy (and pain free) as possible for you and your family. From your bedroom closet to your gear closet, we’ll work together and I can teach you the best practices for efficiently utilizing the space you have.

I currently live in Denver with my husband and our pup. When we aren’t being homebodies, we love skiing, camping, mountain biking and enjoying all that Colorado has to offer. Because all of those toys take up so much space in our cozy home, we’re constantly editing, decluttering, and putting my organizing skills to good work.