Organizing for Weekend Pursuits

One of my favorite workshop projects I worked on with my husband recently is our 4Runner organizer! We love to go camping, and I am still giddy over how much I love our new system. It has made camping so much easier and more efficient. We all know that when there is a flat surface it will inevitably get covered in stuff, so by making a pull out shelf as a workspace, we can always have an area to make sandwiches or put gear while we are getting ready, and then it slides away when we’re ready to move.

We were able to design the box itself to fit our stove and camping chairs perfectly. This effectively doubled our storage space while giving us an organized drawer to keep our cooking supplies and dry goods.

I didn’t let the organizing stop there. My mother in law graciously gifted me an RTIC cooler for my birthday, and Yeti cooler products fit perfectly inside! A basket for cheeses and a divider to keep beer and drinks away from food were a game changer. We spent a week over thanksgiving traveling around, and no food got soggy and it all stayed super cold.

Also, when car camping, don’t forget your car as storage! Our 4Runner has so many compartments, and they all have a purpose. The drivers side door holds locks and small tools for our bike rack, and all of our headlamps and flashlights are always in the passenger door. We leave our wallets in the center console locked up when we are out and about, and dirty clothes go in a small stuff sack behind the passenger seat. I keep my clothes in my suitcase organizers that I repurposed from old stuff sacks. If you have been into the outdoors for long, you likely have collected some stuff sacks. Use these to separate your socks, shirts, and pants. Makes it so much easier to get dressed on cold mornings!

Back home in the garage, we have a large bin for each activity. One for camping, one for biking, and one for climbing. Just grab the right bin and you’re ready to hit the road!

Need help organizing the garage to save time on the weekends? Get in touch!