Back to School + Back to Routine

Can you believe it is August already? Summer here in Denver didn’t seem to even start until late June, and now it is almost over!

If you have kids heading back to school, it is time to start thinking about getting back into routines of lunches and backpacks and after school activities. Having your home set up for success makes everyone’s lives easier when it comes to sticking to the schedule. It can be frustrating to not be able to find what you need for the day, so a little planning and organization can go a long way to having a successful school year!

Make sure you have a designated location for backpacks, preferably near the door you use most to get in and out of the house. Even installing a couple of hooks on an empty wall will ensure that you and your kids know where their bags are kept. Make a system for the papers that are brought home and need to be dealt with. If you can, fill them out as soon as you can and get them right back into their bags to go back to school.

Before you shop for school supplies, take a look at what you already have at home. You may need less than you think! Do check that you have enough as backups for homework and projects as well. No one likes an evening run to the store for more notebooks or loose leaf paper. If you know there will be projects that need poster board, go ahead and pick up a few sheets of this, too.

Is your family calendar system working for you? Whether you use a paper calendar that you keep in your bag, an online shared calendar, or a giant wall calendar in the kitchen, get all the dates updated and everyone on the same page about how to best utilize these calendars so that each day isn’t a struggle to remember what is going on. I think online shared calendars are great so that they can stay updated on the go and shared with family and caretakers. Google calendar is great for this, and I love Wunderlist for shared grocery and shopping lists.

If school supplies and routines overwhelm you, don’t hesitate to call someone to help out. Ask your most organized friend how they do it, or call in the pros!